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I`ve only been on my motorhome for 10 years and 2 months, so I haven`t encountered any of these issues. Again. If I do, I will go ahead and report it as best I can. FIDO (Forget it and keep going) Be proactive if you`re worried about the 10-year rule. […] We prefer unplugged life to one of the predictable cobblestone RV sites and the all-too-common « ten-year rule » that prohibits RVs aged 10 and older. From time to time, we splurge on a resort-style park, like the next […] As an RV park owner, I want to tell the public why we try to keep old RVs outside. People don`t usually maintain their RVs, so when they`re plugged in, they tend to fry the panel box. I have known this for 20 years of repairing the electrical panel after they left. I have a 20-year-old Class A.

I guarantee you that the electrical system is not a problem. Do your due diligence and check the rigs before renting them. There are a lot of people with new RVs that will also fry your electrical system because they don`t know what they`re doing, so your claim is really not valid. As the owner of a 2012 travel trailer that has literally only been used a handful of times since its brand new purchase, 10 years are ridiculous. Our 32-foot travel trailer seems to stand out from the dealership`s lot. I understand that RV park owners don`t want broken trash in their RV fleet, and honestly, I don`t want to park next to one either. So I am more than happy to send a picture of my trailer to a motorhome park, owner. But I honestly think I`d lose my, ## if we were denied entry to a park because our trailer is 10 years old. Find alternatives in the area, including private parking such as Boondockers Welcome, private clubs (moose, moose, etc.), overnight RV parking, harvest hosts, or a number of free overnight parking options. Or find a more remote option and shuttle around to take care of what you need to do.

Do you have an older camper and are you worried that a campground will turn you away because you`ve heard about the 10-year rule in some parks? Yes, a new platform might have this problem too, but more likely not. Unfortunately Larry, once a vehicle is in the park, it`s another bag of worms to remove them. Being proactive is the way to go. much less effort. A large harness drove into a campsite with a nicer but older truck pulling it. The trailer and truck were easily 20 years old, but were also in very good condition. The camper retreated to their room, leveled his fifth wheel from side to side, and suffered a massive heart attack when they tried to unhook the truck and simply died instantly. It was only 2-3 places from where I camped. We do not want to be included in the new one.

I painted our platform to look like a newer one, but I regret it now. I would have liked to do something funkier, well done. But funky. One day, I`d like to see a network of vintage RV parks that don`t allow new platforms to stay. You see, they just wouldn`t fit in. Built to fit less than 40 feet, etc., and on the theme of past appeal. Wouldn`t it be cool if it was the 60s in one place and the 40s or 70s and so on in another? My vintage dream anyway. Each county has specific rules about why a campground can be fined or even close a park altogether until the campground fixes the problem. A well-maintained seat wheel is another type of RV that can seem ageless.

The models and exterior colors and designs remain very similar year after year and even decade after decade. My Newmar, which is 11 years old, is estimated at 120,000, it`s a 2005 4320 with nearly 30,000 miles and hard to say it`s not a current annual model. All new LED lighting, latest TVs and sounds, carpeting, leather, etc. I have found that some homes in Prevost that are 20 years old bring in $500,000 or more. In my opinion, I would recommend another method for determining disqualification. In general, the threshold is 10 years, but sometimes we have seen 15. Or the rule can be formulated more generally, as management reserves the right to refuse an RV based on its appearance. Older RVs often have a lot of vintage charm and can be affordable options for those looking to jump into the RV lifestyle on a budget. If you`re seriously considering buying a used platform, you may have heard of a « 10-year rule » applied in some RV parks and campgrounds, meaning they won`t allow platforms older than 10 years to park on their property. So, is this really true? We contacted more than 90 RV parks in the U.S. to find out.

Here`s what we found. Today, we`re talking with RV owners and RV park owners about how the rule is being implemented and why it`s being used. We`ll even share surprising data that shows more similarities between RVs and park owners than you might think. One of the best topics I`ve ever read. I am. She died at the age of 74, now without a wife. I`m ready to buy a « new » Rockwood Mini-lite 2018 and buy it full time. I am disabled, self-careful, and a skilled nature program facilitator, have hosted campgrounds in Florida State Parks, founded a citizen support organization in Florida State Park in 1990, and volunteered over 10,000 hours. My story spans over 30 years of camping in tents, pop-ups, racks, Class C, 30,000 miles of driving a 39-foot diesel pusher. I returned to a small new Rockwood site that I was able to shoot with my 1997 full-frame classic Lincoln TownCar and then into a high-end dome tent for 4 8 seasons.

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