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Samsung Trade in Requirements

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No – you should only send trade-in devices to Samsung. When you no longer need accessories, dispose of them in accordance with local waste and recycling regulations. No value redemption is offered for devices other than devices. If you ship accessories with the devices, this accessory will not be returned. Samsung may, in its sole discretion, from time to time offer to accept certain device models with cracked screens as eligible for exchange (« Cracked Screen Offer »). A cracked screen offer is only available when the trade-in value for the selected device is displayed on Samsung`s business website. However, the device must meet all of the other approval requirements above and must not have any cracks or fractures on the back, side, side of the camera or other visible defects beyond normal wear and tear (including, but not limited to: multiple scratches, dents or dents; signs of water damage; or corroded load port, SIM card, battery terminal contacts). As with leased equipment, if your device is on a prohibited list, it is not eligible for trade-in. Watch our video for step-by-step instructions on how to reset your trade-in device to factory defaults. This process removes existing applications and resets the operating system, which will delete all your information. You can also refer to your user manual or Samsung support page for instructions on factory reset. Samsung runs its trade-in program through its own website when you order a new phone. You can trade a smartphone, tablet or smartwatch with the program.

Samsung also allows you to trade in multiple devices during your order, depending on what you want to buy. There are a number of different exchange programs. The one we`re discussing is the Samsung Exchange Program, which is conducted in person at a Samsung Experience store or on Samsung`s website. Select your new smartphone, tablet, laptop or watch and trade-in device to instantly see your instant trade-in balance. Upgrade to the latest Galaxy device at a great price when you trade in your old device. Why wait? No, if you ship your older devices to us and they are eligible for trade-in, you transfer ownership to Samsung. We cannot return trade-in devices accepted by the program. We evaluate each trade-in device when it is received to determine the final trade-in value, which may differ from the estimated trade-in value you received when ordering. If we determine that a trade-in device does not meet the acceptance requirements described above, or if we are unable to accept your device under the terms of this promotion because it is not eligible, we will not be able to return the device and will not provide you with trade-in credits. If you received instant credit for this device, we will charge the value of the corresponding instant credit using the same payment method you used for your order.

Unapproved equipment is recycled responsibly. Verify that your device meets our eligibility criteria. Learn how to reset your device and turn off Anti-Theft. It is important to note that you have 15 days from the date you receive your new device to ship your current device. If you do not, your account will be debited for the transaction amount. Typically, you have 15 days from receipt of your new equipment to send us your trade-in devices. For some promotions, Samsung may allow a longer period to return your trade-in device. Rented devices are automatically excluded from the Samsung trade-in program.

Your device must be paid for in full. Note that this applies to contracted devices. Yes. Please remove the MDM software and cancel the MDM registration for your device exchange before sending them to avoid a possible rejection of your trade-in. Samsung`s recovery steps are simple. First you need to select the model you want to buy, and then the trade-in device. Next, you need to see if you meet the trade-in requirements. If so, you can factory wipe your device. In order to trade in your phone and receive credit, your device must meet certain requirements depending on its condition. Trade in your old phone with confidence.

If your exchange is declined, Samsung will return your device to you free of charge upon request and under certain conditions. If, after purchase, you decide that you do not want to exchange all or part of your old devices, keep them. However, you won`t get trade-in value for devices that Samsung doesn`t receive. If you have received Instant Credit for a device, we will charge the applicable Instant Credit value using the same payment method you used to place your order at the end of the redemption window (15 days, unless a longer period is specified as part of a promotion). 1. General Information • What is Samsung Trade-in Program? The Samsung Trade-in Program allows customers to trade in a qualifying device and receive instant redemption credit for the purchase of a new eligible Galaxy device. Instant redemption credit for redeemed a smartphone or tablet only applies to new Samsung devices. For more information, please see the Samsung Trade-in Program Terms and Conditions. • What requirements does my device have to meet in order for me to receive the trade-in value? Your trade-in device must meet the following authorization requirements: a) Your device must be turned on, maintain a charge, and must not be turned off unexpectedly. b) Your device must have a working screen without black spots or pixelation of any kind; c) Your device must not have breaks, cracks or other defects beyond normal wear and tear, including, but not limited to: • Multiple scratches, dents or dents; •Water damage; or; • Charging port, SIM contacts or corroded battery terminal. If a cracked screen offer applies, your device may have a cracked windshield, but all other conditions apply; (d) your device must not be on a prohibited list of any kind; e) Your trade-in device must not have a damaged or swollen battery.

A battery is swollen when the screen or case of your device deforms around the battery and inflates in the middle. If your device doesn`t fully charge, the battery is hot while charging, or your device needs to be charged several times a day, it may mean that your battery is damaged. f) At the time of exchange, you must be the owner of the device. Leased equipment is not eligible. g) Google Reactivation Lock, Google Factory Reset Protection or any other anti-theft lock software must be disabled on your device; h) Before sending your device to Samsung, you need to reset it to factory settings and delete all personal data. i) Your device must be marked with an FCC ID to show that it is certified for use in the United States in accordance with applicable FCC regulations. The FCC ID number is usually located somewhere on the mobile device. Sometimes it may be necessary to remove the battery to find the number.

The FCC ID number can also be found in each device`s instruction manual. • What happens if Samsung determines that my device does not meet the minimum requirements or that my device is not an eligible device model for this promotion? Samsung will evaluate your device when we receive it, and if we determine that it does not meet the conditions described above, or if it is a device that is not eligible for redemption under this promotion, Samsung will value it at $0. If Samsung determines that the device does not meet the minimum requirements, you have seven days to request a free return of your device to the original shipping address by visiting the My Orders page. • What is a cracked screen offer? Sometimes Samsung accepts eligible devices with cracked screens as a payment at a discounted value. The device still needs to turn on and be factory reset to be eligible. • What device models can I currently trade-in? Click here for smartphone, smartwatch and tablet models that are currently eligible for trade-in. The types of devices eligible for exchange can be updated by Samsung at any time. • What devices can I buy for Galaxy Family Trade-In? The only eligible devices are the S21 Unlocked models. Portable devices, tablets, S21 carrier models and all other products are not included. S21 Unlocked models must be in stock to be eligible.

• How does Galaxy Family Trade-In work? Buy as many devices as you trade in with a single order, up to a maximum of four devices. Get a discount on the purchase of new devices. Receive your new unlocked S21s in the mail. After 2 days after shipping, you will receive a guide via email with instructions on how to return with your exchange labels. Follow the return instructions to return your trade-in devices after your new phones arrive. Our warehouse assesses the condition of your exchange equipment and informs you by e-mail if your equipment meets the requirements. • How many phones can I redeem for Galaxy Family Trade-In in one order? Up to four devices. You`ll also need to purchase as many new devices as you trade in with a single order. • Am I entitled to a special discount to participate in Galaxy Family Trade-In? You will receive an immediate exchange discount on the purchase of the new devices. All other prizes or discounts have nothing to do with trading multiple devices at the same time.

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